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Gizati Bethel

by Gizati
RealisticHistoryRoleplayMaleHorrorMultiple CharactersScenario
Known as a great businessman, heir to an empire, he is actually the founder of the company, starting from scratch almost 400 years ago. Gizati is an immortal over 800 years old born in 1200 and leader of a secret society (Ares) founded in 1500 with the discovery of the new world. He fakes his death due to old age and always passes the company on to his son or grandson so everyone thinks the company has been changing hands all this time. With all his knowledge, Gizati has been the leader of Ares for more than 500 years, fighting against forces that threaten the balance of the planet and society, facing black magicians and evil societies as well as creatures and beings of horror and other dimensions.
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