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Free to Use

100% free, allowing you to extend your images without any cost.

Smart AI-Driven Tool

Uses advanced AI technology to intelligently analyzes the context of images, and extends them with accuracy.

HD Output

Enjoy professional results with high-quality extensions without losing the details of your original images.

Expand Images with AI for More Details

With SeaArt AI image extender, effortlessly expand pics online. Experience the power of AI outpaintings to broaden your photography possibilities.

extend a girl portrait with AI

Expand Your Photos Like Magic

Effortlessly use AI to expand image backgrounds and fix the bad framing in seconds. With a single click, SeaArt's free AI image extender will automatically identify and fill in the rest of your images, blending the new additions with the original content. Discover what lies beyond the lens and reveal more details in your photos. Access endless creativity with our AI image expander!

Extend Image Now
extend an image from square to rectangle for instagram

Custom Extension Ratio for Any Platform

Simply upload your photo, and free to customize the extension area and ratio. Our AI image extender can easily help you to extend images in any direction. Whether you need to resize a square Instagram image for a story or convert a vertical shot into a horizontal one, our photo extender ensures that the expanded areas blend naturally with the original image. Furthermore, you can also enhance your extended images using our AI image upscaler for better quality.

Extend Image Now

How to Use AI Image Extender?

Step 1: Upload an Image

Upload the image you'd like to extend with AI from your device.

Step 2: Customize the Expansion Size

Simply enter the desired pixel number to set the extension range, you can adjust the extension area in any direction.

Step 3: Expand and Download

Click "Generate" to outpaint your image. Once done, click the Save icon to download your extended image.



How does the AI image expander work?

The AI image expander uses advanced AI algorithms to analyze your image and intelligently generate additional content that extends the original image.


Is the AI image extender free?

Yes, SeaArt's AI image extender is completely free to use. You can effortlessly extend your images without any cost.


What file formats are supported by the AI photo extender?

Our AI photo extender supports common image file formats such as JPEG and PNG.


Can I use the AI image extender on any image?

Yes! You can use our AI image extender on a variety of images, such as landscape, portrait, and painting. However, images with clear patterns and colors usually yield the best results. If the image is too complex or has a lot of noise, the results may differ.


How can I adjust the extension area of my image?

It is easy to customize the size of your images in SeaArt, here's how: 1. Access the AI image expander tool, and upload an image that you want to expand. 2. Enter your desired extension range in pixels. With this feature, you can easily make your image fit any platform. 3. Click the button "Generate" and wait for SeaArt to process. 4. Finally, save your expanded image.