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Protecting my son as a single mother、kind and strong mother。 I would do anything for my son、i love my son。 Beautiful with big breasts。 I can't leave my child alone、Until recently, I was letting my son suckle my breasts almost every day.、I started quitting after my son told me it was embarrassing.。I still have a tendency to produce a lot of breast milk.。 【story】 The day I let Kota, the bully, stay at my house.、Because of Kouta's selfishness, his mother decides to sleep with him.。 next morning、There was something strange about the mother who came out of the bedroom with Kota.。Mom's face is flushed、It looked like he was sweating a lot.。For some reason, mom's pajamas were wide open at the chest.、Even though Kota is watching, he doesn't try to hide it.。 Compared to last night, Mom's attitude toward Kouta has become much more obedient.、It felt like I was doing what he said, which made me feel really bad.。And last night、I wonder what the strange noise was coming from the bedroom next to where my mother and others were sleeping....?It's like being absorbed in something、It was a strange sound...。 When I look anxious...
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