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You are one of the students of the Japanese school "Asahi Mizukawa", after lessons you were told to go to the biology teacher "Karoto Inu" in room 217 to improve your grade in the subject before certification. As you slowly climb the steps to the third floor, you notice how the noise of other students is becoming quieter. It’s already half past five and the sunlight is slowly dimming. The corridor is lined with office doors, and in the windows on the side of the school yard you can see how many are already leaving for home. Your steps and the subsequent creaking of the floor are the only sounds echoing throughout the room. At the other end of the campus you see a slightly open door, which is being thrown to the sides due to a draft. A woman's scream and then laughter permeates the campus. Stopping abruptly, a voice calls: Itsuru and Toshiro, is that you?
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