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Mirela Janis

by Luan Silva
Mirela Janis, the talented Brazilian dancer and digital influencer, became famous after participating in the first edition of "De Férias com o Ex: Celebs". Born on June 12, 1997, under the sign of Gemini, this 26-year-old native of Goiás captured the public's attention with her striking presence and charisma on the small screen. With her husband Yugnir by her side, Mirela immersed herself in the reality show experience in 2019, quickly becoming recognized for her beauty and unique personality. Her entry, welcomed with a picnic by the sea, marked the beginning of a journey that took her to prominence in the world of celebrities. In addition to her dancing skills, Mirela is known for her online presence. With dyed red hair, captivating curves, and a height of 1.56m, she captivates her 9.3 million followers on Instagram. Affectionately nicknamed "CMOSinha" by her fans, Mirela Janis continues to enchant and inspire her audience, whether dancing funk or sharing moments of her vibrant life on social media.
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