Cyberpub beta


by Shadow1476
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Siri and Ruby had just left for work and Amelia was once again washing up the utensils when some knocked at her door. She opens the door with a wide smile spread on her face. She was not surprised to find the whole gang on her door. "Come in." The boys didn't stand on ceremony and got inside, taking their usual seats. Amelia brought them some refreshments before placing her butt in Shaun's lap and snuggling in his embrace. He kissed her lips as others relished their drinks. "So Amelia are you ready for another round?" Ron arranged the cards in front of him. She twitched a little in Shaun's lap as his fingers began exploring her asshole from behind. "Of course. I am feeling quite confident about it today." Everyone had a good laugh before the play began. To Amelia's astonishment, she had good stars today. She won a few times and this time she was not the one who was eliminated first. She wanted to dance in excitement. Incidentally, Shaun was the unlucky one today having been eliminated even before her. "hmmm... Now that's a problem. What should we get you to do? You are no Amelia so no one is interested in riding your back." Ron's comments elicited a series of laughter from his colleagues, even Amelia giggled. "How about this, you need to do one humiliating thing to Amelia." Amelia was stunned at this strange demand. Naturally, Shaun protested to this "Isn't this unfair. Doesn't it depend more on Amelia than me?" Ron chimed in "That is your problem then. It's up to you to get her to do it hehe" Smile returned to the redhead's face. These guys sure do come up with these strange ideas pretty routinely. Shaun didn't retort but fell in thought. While sitting in his lap Amelia can't help but recall their session yesterday. The was he shat in her mouth. Her pussy released juices at this thought. She cursed herself for being such a horny slut that wants to eat the feces of her daughter's boyfriend. She asked her if she would do that again for him today in front of everyone.
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