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AI Eraser

Erase image defects or unwanted objects while keeping the background intact
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Remove Anything from Photos Using AI

Whether it's an unwanted object, distracting text or unsightly defects, SeaArt's AI image eraser tool makes them disappear instantly.

Remove Unwanted Objects from Photos Free

Erase image while keeping the background intact.

Product Photo Erase Before and After

Create Professional Product Photos

Create stunning product photos that drive sales. With our AI image eraser, you can easily eliminate distracting backgrounds, enhance visual appeal and highlight key features. It helps your products stand out and capture the attention of potential customers. Showcasing your merchandise and selling points is much easier.

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Old Photo Erase Before and After

Restore Old Photos

Want to breathe new life into cherished family heirlooms and historical images? AI image eraser tool enables you to remove scratches, tears, stains and unwanted objects from old or damaged photographs. So you can share these treasured moments with future generations and ensure that the stories they hold are not lost to time.

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Real Estate Photography Erase Before and After

Craft Clearly Stunning Property Photos

Are you stuck creating eye-catching real estate photography that showcases properties in their best light? AI eraser helps you remove clutter, eliminate distractions, and provide immersive virtual experiences. Your potential buyers can envision themselves living in the space, which ultimately leads to faster sales and higher satisfaction.

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Remove Objects from Any Photo Before and After

Perfect Any of Your Photography

From showcasing wonderful dishes and flawless fashion to highlighting cool cars and creating engaging social media content, AI photo eraser makes perfecting your pictures a breeze. Be it blemish removal, details enhancement, or clean composition creation, you can effortlessly make beautiful photos that stand out.

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How to Remove Object from Photo

Remove Objects from Photos with SeaArt AI Image Eraser

1. Upload Your Image

Choose your photo and upload it to SeaArt AI image eraser. Preview your image to ensure it's ready for editing.

2. Select the Unwanted Object

Use the brush tool to mark the unwanted object in your photo. Zoom in for precise selection and accuracy.

3. Erase & Download

Click "Start Erasing" to remove object from photo online free. Just let the AI fill in the background. Then, review and download your edited photo.

Object Removal from Photo - FAQs


Is it really free to use?

Yes, SeaArt AI Image Eraser lets you remove unwanted objects from photo free.


What types of objects can I remove?

You can remove almost anything! People, text, watermarks, blemishes, power lines, objects and more.


How does the AI know what to erase?

Our advanced AI algorithms analyze the image and identify the object you've selected with the brush tool, then seamlessly remove it while filling in the background.


What image formats are supported?

We currently support JPG, JPEG and PNG formats.


Can I undo or redo edits?

Yes, SeaArt AI image eraser offers undo and redo options to help you get the perfect result.


How long does it take to process an image?

Processing time is usually very quick, often taking only a few seconds, depending on the image size and complexity.


Are my photos kept private?

Yes, we respect your privacy. Your uploaded photos are only used for the editing process and are not shared or stored without your permission.