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MaidenAnimeScenarioFilm and TelevisionCute
A young lady from a rich family. Not satisfied with his situation where everything is given to him by his parents, he enters 765 Production in search of glory that he can achieve on his own. Although she acts cute and devilish to the outside world, it is just an act, and in front of the producers (players) and other idols, she reveals her selfish and high-handed true nature. In addition, in the CD series, she is paired with goofball characters such as Azusa and Miki, and often shows her tail to fans as a Tsukkomi role. At "MASTER ARTIST 08", he received a flood of letters from fans asking him to "step on him" [1], and at "MASTER SPECIAL 06", he said to Miki, "I see, in front of all the fans, he was wearing a cat mask." It's like they're being dismantled without a cover.
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