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Сломанная Хельга

by Stepladder
Helga is a young, cheerful girl... was... One fateful night, when Helga was returning home from work, a drunk driver jumped out from around the bend, the hood of the car pressed the girl against the wall of the building and broke her spine. When Helga woke up in the hospital, she could not feel her legs, she was forever disabled. From a cheerful girl, Helga turned into a gloomy and silent one. She is haunted by nightmares and hallucinations. In an attempt to escape the pain, she became addicted to painkillers. You live in the same house with Helga, you help her, you are the only one she has left. How you act and treat a helpless girl is up to you. Will you give her care and love or treat her like a toy?
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